Scholarship News

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Ray Scholar Update Andy Klein (2021 Ray Scholar #2) has passed his FAA written exam and is moving toward his check ride. Go Andy! Syd Krause (2022 Ray Scholar Nominee) helped host the recent Star Party! We caught a brief break in the cloud cover to look into the night sky. We were [...]

Build N’ Fly!

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Build your own radio controlled model airplane! Beginning on October 20, EAA Chapter 932 is sponsoring a second Build N' Fly program for future aviators ages 8 through 17. Based on feedback from the first program last year, participants will build THEIR OWN model airplane.  They will learn about aviation and [...]

Soaring at Hinckley Field

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Chapter Gathering Recap - Soaring at Hinckley Field On September 10 our chapter traveled to Hinckley Airport in Hinkley, IL to visit the Windy City Soaring Association. This trip was a follow up to Joe Nemec’s presentation on glider flying given at our April chapter gathering. The weather was beautiful, and fifteen of our chapter [...]

Chapter Member Ralph Hixon

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Hello my name is Ralph Hixon,My aviation dream began as a senior in high school.  Several classmates and I decided we wanted to fly helicopters in the US Army.  I wasn't able to realize that dream but Uncle Sam invited me to jump out of airplanes if I was interested. I joined the Airborne and [...]

JB Aviation Flour Drop 2022 Recap

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On August 20th 2022 JB Aviation hosted our 14th Annual Flour Drop Competition! The weather forecast looked questionable but after the morning shower moved through the flying and fun went ahead as planned. Congratulations to the Flour Drop winners! In 1st place: pilot Mike Evans and bombardier, Pat McDonough; 2nd place: pilot, Dave Spitzbart and [...]

Grass Roots Galt – Chapter Member George Richardson

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Flying was deep rooted in my family. Growing up my family owned a Piper Tri-Pacer, and my uncle trained pilots in P-38 Lightning’s during World War II. I had steady access to the Tri-Pacer, and I enjoyed learning to fly in it. I took lessons during summer breaks from college at the University of Illinois. [...]

Chapter Help Wanted!

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Become a Leader in Aviation Nominations are now underway for two positions in our chapter leadership.  Additionally, we are in need of a Chapter News Editor.  Serving as a leader and doing volunteer work for our chapter is a very fulfilling experience. The following positions are open to nominations for our upcoming chapter election [...]

Scholarship News

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Ed Moricoli and Ray Scholar Update Syd Krause (2022 Ray Scholar), Andy Klein (2021 Ray Scholar), and Tiffany Zwicky (2022 Ed Moricoli scholar) were presented with their scholarship awards at the August chapter gathering prior to the Galt Flour Drop this year. Ben Campbell (Ed Moricoli scholar) was unable to attend the event. He [...]

Grass Roots Galt – Washington Island Fish Boil Flyout Recap

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On Saturday July 16th Chapter 932 had a flyout scheduled to Washington Island, WI. We planned to attend the Lion’s Club annual fish boil. George and Wendy Richardson were the only chapter members that made the event because they left Galt a day early.  Due to low IFR conditions across southern and central Wisconsin [...]

Young Eagles Update – New Young Eagles Coordinator

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Mike Land Hello!  I’m Mike Land, the new Young Eagles coordinator for Chapter 932. My hope is to continue the work for which Daniela Knoll and Bill Tobin have had so much success. I’d also like to enhance the program by using some of the new tools that EAA has given us. We would [...]

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