Airport Station Identifiers Demystified

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by Jeff Hill Sr. AIRPORT (STATION) IDENTIFIERSIn the early days of aviation, airport identifier codes had a lot to do with radio station identifiers and teletype addresses. (Anybody remember teletypes?) Three letter codes were descriptive, like MDW = Midway, MKE = Milwaukee, RFD = Rockford.As our airways structure developed, more airports, navigation aids, weather reporting [...]

Gathering Recap – Ice & Winter Flying

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November Chapter Gathering Recap On November 12 we had a really neat chapter gathering. Our guest was Lou Wipotnik, CFI. Lou is a really neat guy. He is 83 years old, and still very active in flying. With over 16,000 hours of experience, he holds an impressive array of pilot ratings, and was recognized [...]

Build N’ Fly Update

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Mike Land – EAA 932 Young Eagles Coordinator The Young Eagle Build N Fly sessions are underway! We purchased 10 models and supporting equipment for the sessions, which occur every other Thursday. We chose the Flite Test Tudor to have the kids build, giving the kids something to take home with them after they are [...]

Scholarship News

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Ray Aviation Scholarship Update Sydney Krause (’22 RAS) is getting ready for her first solo! The Fall season has been busy for her with high school and all of the activities that go with it. She is still busy flying with her instructor Adam though and getting ready for that first lap around the [...]

Young Eagles Update

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Young Eagles Update Mike Land, Young Eagles Coordinator October was a really busy month for Young Eagles activities. We kicked off the month with an exceptionally successful Young Eagles Rally coupled to our annual “Planes and Puppies” day. Sixty eight kids were flown at the rally. This was our first rally where we [...]

The Curtis Jenny Visits Galt Airport

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Our October 8th chapter gathering was very special. If you were unable to attend, you missed out on a really neat experience. Our friends from EAA Chapter 1414 at Poplar Grove, and the Wings and Wheels Museum flew their Curtiss Jenny restoration aircraft to Galt Airport. The Jenny was piloted by Tim Gallagher, and the [...]

Chapter Member Mike Evans

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Grass Roots Galt – Meet Chapter Member Mike Evans Hi, I’m Mike Evans. I moved to Woodstock from Chicago in 2009, and started hanging around Galt in the spring of 2010. With only a few hours in my logbook, Larry Ewing took me up in the Christavia Mk-1 he owned, affectionately named “The Chubby.” After [...]

Scholarship News

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Ed Moricoli  Scholar Update Tiffany Zwicky From the start of my training til now almost at my checkride, I’ve felt supported from everyone I’ve met, especially my amazing instructor Adam, to keep pushing through! It’s been a longer-than normal journey for me to get my private pilot, but everyone’s encouragement has kept my [...]

Scholarship News

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Ray Scholar Update Andy Klein (2021 Ray Scholar #2) has passed his FAA written exam and is moving toward his check ride. Go Andy! Syd Krause (2022 Ray Scholar Nominee) helped host the recent Star Party! We caught a brief break in the cloud cover to look into the night sky. We were [...]

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