B-17 G Model Presentation Recap

2023-11-30T17:22:10-06:00November 30th, 2023|Tags: |

Chapter Gathering Recap Ken and Lorraine Morris delivered a captivating presentation on September 9th, shedding light on the remarkable B-17 G model. After flying into Galt Airport, they both shared a bit about themselves and impressed everyone in the room with their knowledge and piloting skills. Ken became an aircraft commander and has accumulated 38,000 [...]

Fly out: Manitowoc & USS Cobia

2023-08-01T16:37:48-05:00August 1st, 2023|Tags: |

Fly out to Manitowoc and the USS Cobia This past June third, EAA Chapter 932’s very own, Dan Johnson, organized a fly-out to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to visit the WWII submarine, the USS Cobia. It turned out to be a beautiful VFR day. Unfortunately, Justin Thuma (aka JT) and I were the only ones to [...]

Build N Fly Program

2023-05-30T20:48:09-05:00May 30th, 2023|Tags: |

EAA Chapter 932 recently sponsored a Build N Fly program for 10 future aviators ages 8 through 17. Participants built their own model airplane over the winter months, learned about aviation and how airplanes fly, and tested their skills on a flight simulator. The chapter collaborated with the Chain of Lakes Eagles RC club [...]

Longitude & Time – Jeff Hill Sr.

2023-05-30T20:29:04-05:00May 30th, 2023|

For fun, hold your watch (horizontally), and point the hour hand at the Sun. South is halfway between the hour hand and 12... Pilots love maps, charts, compasses, plotters, and all sorts of navigational paraphernalia. Pilots know seafaring and land explorers mapped the globe long before there was LF/HF/VHF radios, LORAN, OMEGA, and [...]

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