Fly out to Manitowoc and the USS Cobia

This past June third, EAA Chapter 932’s very own, Dan Johnson, organized a fly-out to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to visit the WWII submarine, the USS Cobia. It turned out to be a beautiful VFR day. Unfortunately, Justin Thuma (aka JT) and I were the only ones to show up. JT quipped that this was turning out to be more of a “date” than a fly-out.

Despite it being just the two of us, we saddled up my Mooney and made the forty-five-minute flight to KMTW. The folks at Lakeshore Aviation lent us their crew car for the short five-minute drive to downtown Manitowoc where the USS Cobia museum is located.

The submarine and its attached maritime museum was fascinating. JT and I opted for the self-guided audio tour but there are more in-depth docent tours available as well. The museum is working hard to bring the Cobia back to its former seaworthy state and it shows. If I didn’t know better I would have thought the Cobia was ready to sail at a moment’s notice. You can find more information here.

Thanks to Dan for putting this all together. Also, if the chapter is looking for another fly-out, I suggest doing this one again. It is definitely worth the visit.