The Spirit of Aviation

EAA members represent every aspect of aviation and often have multiple interests. Sure, we love airplanes, but it goes beyond that. It’s about passion, camaraderie, and a grassroots way of sharing our love of aviation with others.

We fly them. We fix them. We even build them.

EAA Chapter 932 is about people, bringing together individuals interested in learning more about aviation as well as sharing their own knowledge.

We are…

  • Private Pilots

  • Student Pilots

  • Commercial Airline Pilots

  • Award Winning Aerobatic Pilots

  • Passionate Builders & Restorers

  • Enthusiasts
  • Retired & Military Pilots

EAA 932 Monthly Gatherings

Aviation Flyout

Board Meeting

June 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Eaa Plane

Chapter Gathering

July 13 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Aviation Flyout

Board Meeting

July 18 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Learn Why Galt Airport is the “The Friendliest Airport Around”.


Bringing Together Individuals Interested in Learning about Aviation


Promoting the “Spirit of Aviation” to Our Local Community.


It’s All About Passion, Camaraderie, & Sharing the Love of Aviation.

EAA 932 News

Young Eagles Program

Inspiring Young People In Aviation

Founded in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

Galt Airport

Come find out why Galt Airport has been awarded “Private Airport of the Year” by Illinois Division of Aeronautics and why it is known as “The Friendliest Airport Around”.
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