WaynefrantzenHi, I’m Wayne Frantzen my interest in aviation started in the mid 70’s. I watched jets on approach to ORD from our backyard. I talked my parents to join EAA and go to the Oshkosh EAA Convention. Back then you had to be a member to get on the flight line. Junior year in high school we had a class called Service Learning. I got job at the Aurora Municipal Airport at the Grumman dealer. I traded work for flying lessons. Soloed on 08/17//75 in a Grumman American Traveler. I actually soloed before I got my driver’s license. The dealer went out of business, and that was it for flying for years. I started flying again in 2016 and got my sport pilot certificate in May 2018. Most of my time is in a Remos LSA flying out of ARR. I was previously involved with EAA 579 in Aurora and EAA UL Chapter 1 at Capitol Drive Airport in Brookfield WI. I owned a Quicksilver MX for a year that I kept at the Capital Drive airport. In September 2022 I purchased an Aeroprakt A22 along with 3 partners moved to Galt.