On February 22, 2021, Randy Sweet received the first kit for his Van’s RV12iS Build Project. Approximately 1,159 building hours later, on May 29, 2022, the plane was inspected. Randy says he could not have done it without support. He credits his Family Team and his “Outside Team”. The outside team consisted of some of our chapter members, the Van’s Support Line and SteinAir, as well as a previous RV12 builder by the name of Barry (N122B).

Randy stated that the “outside team made my life wonderful for my first home build”. After experiencing some confusion with the cowling, for example, the outside team offered advice and support within 24 hours. The support line will walk you through it together! One time, the guy on the phone offered to swing by and switch two pins. He was able to find pins number 32 and 27 and completed the task within an hour. If there is one lesson to take away from Randy’s home build experience, walk away from the project if you come to a point in which you feel you made a mistake. Do not be like Randy who finished riveting well over a hundred rivets, second guessing himself, took them back out, to find out he did it right the first time. Listen to Randy! If you are going to build a plane at home and you feel like you screwed up, remember to take a break, and get back at it tomorrow.

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