MemberprofileHi, my name is Edward! I became interested in aviation after attending Oshkosh AirVenture in 2022. During the day-time airshow, I saw a BlackFly for the first time! It landed and took off in the same spot, similar to how a helicopter lands and departs, but without the noise and wind. Opener is expected to build BlackFly taxis for families travelling from small airports to major airports. This hovering aircraft left an impression on me! I realized that it could change the future of air travel. I believe smaller airports will see an increase in traffic. After retiring from my job at the College of Lake County as a Maintenance Engineer, I considered aviation maintenance. Little did I know, Galt is very well known for having the best mechanic! According to one of the flight instructors at Chicago Executive Flight School, he services his aircraft at Galt and doesn’t trust anyone else. If there is anyone I want to learn aviation maintenance from, it is the gentleman at Galt! I joined EAA Chapter 932 soon after attending Oshkosh. I attended a handful of meetings at Galt and started signing up for Discover Flights at nearby airports. One of the discover flights was at Chicago Executive. The photo of me is during a discover flight at Chicago Executive Flight School with Chief Pilot, Jim, who demonstrated a zero-gravity maneuver. I have to give credit to Oshkosh AirVenture for sparking an interest in aviation. After attending the airshow last year, I was determined to return for a two-day AirVenture pass. I ended up camping at Camp Scholler this year and just happened to stumble upon BlackFly at the Opener Tent. It was on display and luckily, I got to see it up close this time. I was invited to see the cockpit and then was offered to try their flight simulator inside the tent. I hope, one day, I can be introduced to the mechanic at Galt. Air travel will continue to grow and I want to be a part of this field.