Time to Spare? Go by Air!

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Time to Spare? Go by Air! The Joys of Business Travel by Daniela Knoll As a licensed Sport Pilot, I truly enjoy recreation flying at Galt Airport (10C). Usually, I can’t wait to get inside the cockpit and hit the sky. Unfortunately, for some of us, our jobs require that we often fly a [...]

President’s Page – October 2019

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President Report – Arnie Quast Hello EAA 932 Members! What a great month we’ve had as a chapter! October began with a well-attended chapter gathering. Author William Hazelgrove spoke about his recently published book, Wright Brothers, Wrong Story. The book tells a fascinating story of what went on between the two Wright brothers, their [...]

The Seabee Heebee Geebees

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A Halloween Tale with apologies to Edgar Once upon a midnight dreary, as I labored slow and weary, To find the source of drips galore of oil upon my hangar floor. From whence they fell I could not tell, perchance from under the nacelle? Defeatedly, I slammed it shut, cracking my head upon the [...]

Gretchen Thennes Receives Upset Recovery Training

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Back in September, I had the opportunity to do Upset Recovery Training with Prevailance Aerospace. I’m in my sophomore year at Liberty University and we have an opportunity to work with Prevailance during Commercial 2 for Upset Recovery Training and also during CFI for Spin Recovery. Preparation for the flights began the night before [...]

One from the Bucket List

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“It’s been on my bucket list for years!” Justin exclaimed as I looked at his photos on the monitor. For the record, Justin Cleland is the J in JB Aviation, the company that runs the FBO at Galt Airport. The “it” on his bucket list is a flight to a tiny uninhabited, tree covered [...]

Cross-Country to Colorado

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When Arnie Quast, President of EAA Chapter 932, first asked JT if he might like to come along on a cross-country flight to Colorado, JT hesitated - for a fraction of a second. JT, aka Justin Thuma, recipient of the first Ed Moricoli Memorial Scholarship and Treasurer of EAA 932, replied, "Heck, yeah!" and [...]

President’s Page – September 2019

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Hello EAA 932 Chapter Members! I hope that everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy summer because a change in season is on its way. Temperatures will cool off, bringing some really nice flying weather and mother nature will put on her annual show of fall color, a great excuse to [...]

President’s Recap – July 2019

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Greetings Chapter Members, Welcome to August! The year is sure flying by fast. As I look back on July, I would say that we had a great month as a chapter. On July 12th instead of meeting at the airport, we had a well-attended breakfast meet up at the Rusty Nail. As always, the [...]

Enjoying (and surviving) AirVenture

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From July 22 to July 28, aviation enthusiasts from around the universe will, once again, make the pilgrimage to Oshkosh. If you’re simply heading there for one day to ogle the airplanes and watch an airshow (perfectly acceptable reasons) some of the following tips may still apply. If you’ve been making the trip [...]