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Cogitations from the Editor           Checklists Mayday…Mayday…Mayday! We were at 2,800 MSL over southern Wisconsin when my passenger had a heart attack. I never felt more useless. My only thought was to get the C172 on the ground. The nearest airport was several long minutes away, but we had just [...]

A Change of View

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By Beth Rehm After working at a desk for over 30 years I decided it was time for a major career change.  I was burnt out from endless conference calls, spreadsheets and emails and doing a job I couldn’t even clearly describe to friends friends and family.  It was time to do something [...]

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

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An Unplanned Visit to NOAA by Jerry Thomas, Editor, EAA932 Traveling during cold and snowy months is always unpredictable. But, we watch the weather and do our best to plan accordingly. My wife and I were driving to Denver to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Normally, we would drive I80 across Nebraska [...]


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Several quotes surfaced last week that struck me as interesting. All involved fly-by-wire control systems. Great, a theme!  (Newsletter editors quickly learn to never look a gift horse in the tailpipe.) I should note that none of the quotes apply to the kind of aircraft we typically see around Galt Airport. [...]

Time to Spare? Go by Air!

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Time to Spare? Go by Air! The Joys of Business Travel by Daniela Knoll As a licensed Sport Pilot, I truly enjoy recreation flying at Galt Airport (10C). Usually, I can’t wait to get inside the cockpit and hit the sky. Unfortunately, for some of us, our jobs require that we often fly a [...]

President’s Page – October 2019

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President Report – Arnie Quast Hello EAA 932 Members! What a great month we’ve had as a chapter! October began with a well-attended chapter gathering. Author William Hazelgrove spoke about his recently published book, Wright Brothers, Wrong Story. The book tells a fascinating story of what went on between the two Wright brothers, their [...]

The Seabee Heebee Geebees

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A Halloween Tale with apologies to Edgar Once upon a midnight dreary, as I labored slow and weary, To find the source of drips galore of oil upon my hangar floor. From whence they fell I could not tell, perchance from under the nacelle? Defeatedly, I slammed it shut, cracking my head upon the [...]

Gretchen Thennes Receives Upset Recovery Training

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Back in September, I had the opportunity to do Upset Recovery Training with Prevailance Aerospace. I’m in my sophomore year at Liberty University and we have an opportunity to work with Prevailance during Commercial 2 for Upset Recovery Training and also during CFI for Spin Recovery. Preparation for the flights began the night before [...]

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