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A Halloween Tale

with apologies to Edgar

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I labored slow and weary,
To find the source of drips galore of oil upon my hangar floor.
From whence they fell I could not tell, perchance from under the nacelle?
Defeatedly, I slammed it shut, cracking my head upon the strut.
Then suddenly, I hear a tapping, ’tis some colleague so gently rapping…?
Tapping at my hangar door…only that…nothing more.
Eagerly I beg him in, my skull beginning to slow its spin.
Still, no one appears within the door as I arise from off the floor.
“Enter!” I repeat, snapping, wanting to end the vexatious rapping.
The reply, though I could not discern, was a murmur, nay, a silent yearn…
“Water!” it pleads, and nothing more!
Why am I harassed so late here on October last?
Who disturbs my work upon this night, not answering my uptight invite?
Does someone take me as a fool, or might it be some winged ghoul.
That nests upon these very grounds, who visits on its ghostly rounds…
Seeking water, evermore?
Back to my work I now am turning, the brain within my skull is burning.
Yet again, I hear the tapping. Different now, ’tis water lapping!
Water? Against my hangar door?
As I gaze again into the night, what my eyes behold gives me a fright.
A ghostly amphib drifts through the fog, a derelict seeking its own epilogue.
It drifts, an untethered escapee, in search of some long-lost sea!
I try to cry but words stick in my throat, to see that SeaBee again afloat!
Alone it sat on that placid earth, silently awaiting delayed rebirth.
Suddenly, from the dark mist I feel it shutter! Two final words I hear it utter…
“Water,” it cries, “forevermore!”
Into that deep, moist darkness peering, long I stand there, squinting, hearing,
Searching for what once was there, now disappeared into thin air!
•   •   •
But silence now enfolds my chair, as I awake in disrepair.
I must have dreamt, for ’tis now dawn! But, when I gaze out…

The Seabee is gone!