Grass Roots Galt – Hang Gliding in LAX

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"Hang Gliding in LA"  by Arnie Quast For many years I have enjoyed bike riding along the beaches of Los Angeles during my airline  layovers.  Near our crew hotel lies a stretch of city beaches known as the “Strand”.  This beachfront extends from Redondo Beach northward up toward Marina del Rey. A bike [...]

Grass Roots Galt – A Visit to the Evergreen Museum

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A Visit to the Evergreen Museum by Eric Rehm A long, long time ago, when I was 15, I visited the Spruce Goose in Long Beach California.  I was fascinated with the huge eight engined behemoth of a flying boat which was, even in the ‘80s, steeped in legend and had only flown once.  [...]

Visiting the EAA Aviation Museum

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Our chapter did a cool flyout to visit the EAA museum in Oshkosh.  Four airplanes and 11 chapter members enjoyed the event.  Avril McClellan (Stephanie McClelland's 16 year old daughter) provides her reflection of the flyout………… Our Flight to Oshkosh By Avril McClelland  On July 19, 2021, I arrived at Galt airport [...]

Exploring Montana Airports

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#flymontana By Arnie Quast During our May virtual gathering, I made mention that I enjoy connecting with other EAA chapter leaders as I travel around the country as an airline crew member.  Late last year while on a layover in Missoula, Montana I reached out to Steve Rossiter, and his wife Sherry.  Steve [...]

Larry Lands in Leadville

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Featured Story Ever since moving to Colorado in 2019 I have had a trip to Leadville (KLXV), the highest airport in the USA on my bucket list.  I finally decided a few weeks ago to go for it, since I had a nice day with little wind and decent temperatures.  I had made [...]

Food on the Fly

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Favorite Destinations in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Over the past year, a lot of our favorite fly out restaurants have restricted their operations, but have mostly remained open.  Despite the pandemic, many of these places have done their best to keep serving our flying community.  To some, it has been a tough run [...]

Galt Traffic – September 2018

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Flying Further: Crossing Borders by Deena Schwartz, EAA Chapter 932 For an experienced pilot, crossing a border might not be much of a challenge. But, for a new aviatrix, it’s a very big deal! This past year, I’ve looked for any reason to fly: I took my husband hours away for a pancake [...]

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