I am a lifelong McHenry resident and currently a full-time McHenry Police Sergeant. Prior to a career in law-enforcement and much early on in my childhood, aviation was my fascination. I was always the kid looking up at every plane that flew by, and I still do. I had several metal airplane toys that I almost always had in my hands. I would ramp the treadmill up and pretend to use it as a runway!
I really like to know how things work, so I love learning about the physics of flight and I also love wrenching on the mechanical stuff I have. I am early on in my dream to become a pilot, but I plan on getting to work and getting in the air. I knew of Galt Airport for a long time and have even attended a few concerts there. I was never introduced to the Galt community until my friend Arnie Quast gave me the first invite to Barnstormers. Since then, I joined the local EAA Chapter 932 and added my wife and two boys as members, as well.
This year was my first year attending AirVenture in Oshkosh having wanted to go for decades. I brought along my two boys, Emmett (8) and Ehlis (6). We dragged up the camper, braved the heat and had a blast. Seeing some amazing planes and meeting even better people was a memorable time and we will definitely return!

I look forward to participating in more events at Galt and meeting all of you enthusiasts! Thanks for having my family and me.

New Member Patrick