Young Eagles Update

Mike Land, Young Eagles Coordinator

October was a really busy month for Young Eagles activities. We kicked off the month with an exceptionally successful Young Eagles Rally coupled to our annual “Planes and Puppies” day. Sixty eight kids were flown at the rally. This was our first rally where we used the EAA online registration system, and it worked great! Many thanks to all of the pilots and ground support crew who volunteered their time! The “puppies” part of the event was also a big hit. According to Rebekah, six dogs brought by “K9s4U” found loving homes, and once again we stuffed an airplane full of pet supplies to donate to the shelter.

As the month progressed, the second session of our Young Eagles Build and Fly program kicked off on October 20th. The Build and Fly program will continue to run on various dates through mid – January. The class has started off at its full capacity of 10 kids, and more classes will be forthcoming when this one is complete. Please see our website for more details and specific dates. Attendees of this program build and then will fly their very own RC airplanes!

If all of this was not enough, we also hosted Boy Scout Troop 149 of McHenry to work on their aviation merit badge. This was split into two sessions. Stephanie McClellan and Rebekah Busse lead the scouts on a tour of the Galt FBO, the JB Maintenance shop, along with Stephanie’s hangar. A talk was also given on aviation careers, airplane construction, airport operations, aircraft communications, and sectional charts. The scouts had a lot of fun working on their badge.

A big thank you to all of our chapter members that partook in these activities! We are definitely doing a great job at providing aviation outreach to our local community!