Ray Aviation Scholarship Update

Sydney Krause (’22 RAS) is getting ready for her first solo! The Fall season has been busy for her with high school and all of the activities that go with it. She is still busy flying with her instructor Adam though and getting ready for that first lap around the pattern on her own.

Andy Klein (’21 RAS) is in the final stages of his check ride prep! With a string of beautiful December days, he might be able to finish before the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

Here’s an update from Andy:
First of all, I wanted to extend the most enormous thank you to everyone who elected me the recipient of the $4,000 EAA Ray Aviation Flight Training Scholarship. As someone who enjoys flying more than anything else in the world, this truly means a lot to me. To all the EAA members and volunteers, I appreciate all you guys do for the airport and for inspiring the next generation of pilots. I wanted to update you on my training and how close I am to completing my private pilot’s license. I have recently completed all of the required flying requirements and am currently working on oral prep before taking my check ride. I have also applied/been accepted to several aviation universities and plan to attend one next fall. I can’t wait to pursue a degree in aviation to further my education as a pilot. Not only will I enjoy an aviation career, but my goal of helping other aviators will also be fulfilled. I believe that every person should have the pleasure of feeling what it’s like to fly, and I hope to share my passion for aviation with others. I am excited to see what the future holds for me, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a Ray Aviation Scholar.

EAA 932 will be applying for a 2023 Ray Aviation Scholarship (RAS).  Approved chapters will be notified by the end of February 2023.  Check out RAS nomination information here.