EAA Youth Protection Program

Spring is in the air.
Hopefully an improving pandemic situation may allow us to have some Young Eagles Rallies this year.
As a reminder, our members and Young Eagle pilots may need to renew or check their Youth Protection Program eligibility.  EAA’s Youth Protection Policy and Program sets basic requirements for EAA staff and volunteers who work with children under age 18.  It includes online best-practices training and, for certain categories of volunteers, a basic background check (U.S. and Canadian residents only). 

All of the following persons are required to complete both the online training and background check. Both steps are necessary and the cost is covered by EAA.

  • All Young Eagles pilots
  • All Chapter Young Eagles Coordinators and Field Representatives
  • Two-deep leadership supervisors
  • Volunteers who will work with youth in ongoing programs other than Young Eagles
  • EAA staff

Note: While not all volunteers who will work in some capacity with youth in an EAA-related program or event are required to complete training and basic background checks, we strongly encourage them to complete both steps.

Thank you for taking the time to do this and I hope to see you all at the airport soon!
Daniela Knoll,  EAA Chapter 932 Young Eagles Coordinator