We had another good month here at Galt Airport. At our September Chapter gathering, we sponsored an FAA FAASTeam Safety Seminar put together by chapter members Jean Forni and Beth Rehm. The seminar was very well attended, and the presentation was excellent. Their program covered practical tips for night flying, and aviation decision making. These are two very relevant topics for the kind of flying many of us do at Galt Airport. We hope to sponsor more safety seminars in the coming year. Many thanks to Jean and Beth for putting this together for us!

Our October chapter gathering will take place on Saturday October 14 at 10:00 AM. I hope many of you will be able to join us for some good fellowship, and a neat program on recreational aerobatics. Galt Airport resident aerobatic pilot Gerry Molidor will be presenting the program. Gerry is a very accomplished aerobatic pilot who has competed professionally in aerobatics. There is much to gain for any pilot who would like to explore aerobatics. It is a great way to better understand aerodynamics, and also hone your pilot skills. I hope to see everyone join us at this gathering.

In the coming year, a few positions are becoming available within our chapter leadership. We need nominations for the board positions of Vice President and Treasurer. We also are in need of a Young Eagles coordinator and someone to chair our program committee. All of these are two year terms. I would really like to thank those who have served in various positions during the past few years. Volunteerism is what makes the EAA and our chapter go.

Take a moment to think about whether you would like to consider serving in one the open positions. If you have questions about any of these positions, please feel free to reach out to me. If you are unable to serve, think about nominating someone that you would like to have on our leadership team. We would like to get a pool of nominations at our October 14 Chapter gathering. Until then, fly safe, and have a good month!

President’s Report – Arnie Quast

Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

Photo shared by Larry Schubert
The Lighthouse in Racine 

EAA Chapter Member Profile

This is my son Dominic. We were about to head to the taxiway for a little trip from Galt to the practice area. He was my first “passenger” and iPad/ForeFlight technical advisor. As I flew around Lake Geneva doing S-turns and turns around a point, he fiddled with a second iPad to get it hooked up to the Stratus, and such. Then he sat back and enjoyed, as he put it, the “totally different perspective”. Yep!

Dominic is 16 and a junior at McHenry West HS. He and I took Ed’s ground school last spring. Dominic is preparing to take his FAA written exam. I re-took Ed’s class to prepare for my Private Pilot check-ride.

Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

With the help of basically everyone at Galt, including a large German shepherd named Gus, I got my PPL in June. In July, I bought a decommissioned Civil Air Patrol plane – N3067E – a Cessna 182. Without my High Performance endorsement yet, I asked Galt CFI Mike Nowakowski to help me get the plane home from KPWK to 10C. After its annual inspection with Brian, I flew a few more hours with Marty Seitz to get accustomed to the plane and got that endorsement.

Now, we’re just having fun. My husband Jeff and I went on our first little breakfast fly-in together with other Galt Family/EAA Members to Reedsburg, WI. I’m looking forward to going on many more adventures and then coming home to the friendliest airport around! And who knows, maybe one day Dominic and I will snap another selfie heading out somewhere but with him in the left seat! Stay tuned (122.8)

Troop 35 Takes Flight

Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

On Saturday September 16, EAA 932 hosted a small group of Boy Scouts from BSA Troop 35 for some Young Eagles flights. Troop 35 is from Barrington Hills, IL. This troop is near and dear to me. I was one its founding fathers back in 1999 while I was a congregational member of its charter at the Presbyterian Church of Barrington. As an Assistant Scoutmaster, I introduced Troop 35 to our Galt Airport campsite back in 2001. Our campground at Galt has become an annual destination for this troop. Over the years the scouts have enjoyed camping, and also working on requirements for the Aviation Merit Badge. A few years ago, Troop 35, Eagle Scout Jack Foersterling did his Eagle Scout project at Galt Airport. He hosted the Boys and Girls Club of Carpentersville for an aviation awareness event. Jack was also the recipient of one of our EAA 932 Air Academy Scholarships.

On September 16, myself along with fellow EAA 932 chapter members; Dick Wydra, Larry Schubert, and Chick Clemens flew 8 boys from the troop during their camping event. We had beautiful weather for our flights. Most of the boys were new to the Young Eagles experience. We all had a really fun time flying that morning.

Night Fly-Out

En-route to Sheboygen on our Night Fly-out to Afterburners.
Beth Rehm, Larry Schubert and Leslie Schubert

Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic
Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

Milwaukee was beautiful, and it also gave us a fireworks show. You can see the fireworks at the lakefront in this picture; kind of a bright ball in the distance. They were beautiful to see and the moon was gorgeous as well. It was simply a perfect night to fly. We all had a good time. We wish more people could have come, but we had a good time with two planes full of happy diners. We’ll have to try this again when we can get a bigger group together.

This is the gang at the Afterburners restaurant. Left to Right: Beth Rehm, Leslie Schubert, Jean Forni, Bob Forni, Taylor Hill. Yours truly took the picture. The food was delicious. We ate a complete cow between us.

Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

EAA Board Nominations

Nominations Needed!

Do you want a chance to be a direct part of steering our chapter’s direction? How about taking advantage of EAA leadership training opportunities, or perhaps building stronger relationships with folks in our chapter with similar interests? The following positions in our chapter are coming available, January 1, 2018:

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Young Eagles Coordinator

  • Program Committee Chair

2018 Galt Airport Calendar

Photos Needed!

It’s Fall and the end of the year will be here before we know it.

If you have pictures from around the airport please send them my way. I will be assembling a 2018 Galt Airport calendar. I’m looking for recent photos and photos from all of the seasons. If one of your photos is chosen, you will receive a free calendar. I will also be making an end of the year “slide show”, so the more photos the better.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 815-648-2433. Please email the pictures to Rebekah@galtairport.com.

Rebekah Busse


JB Aviation Flight School News

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Deena Schwartz and her son Dominic

Clean Up Time!

On Saturday, September 23, chapter members Bill Tobin, Steve Phillips, Dave Spitzbart and Arnie Quast gathered to clean out and organize our garage storage area at Galt. Over the course of time lots of dust, spider webs and other various forms of debris built up in our storage area. After having all of our recent events a few items just needed to be reorganized. A few hours of sweeping, cleaning, assembling shelves and enduring unseasonably warm weather made our storage area look a lot better. We greatly appreciate the time spent by these folks doing this tedious but much needed job!

  • Galt Airport clean-up1
  • Galt Airport clean-up1
  • Galt Airport clean-up1