This year, EAA Chapter 932 is excited to welcome the Illinois Region Model A Restorers Club to our Barnstormer’s Day event on June 18. Founded in 1955, club members, several of whom date their membership to it’s genesis, own various configurations of the famous Model A, from 2-door sedans to fire trucks and even tow trucks.

Based in DesPlanes, it’s not uncommon for half-a-dozen or so of their nearly one hundred members to show up to meetings in their Model A’s in the warmer months. Members travel in from around the northwest suburbs. Monthly meetings frequently draw between 40 to 60 members and cover all things Model A, from general maintenance and upkeep to engine rebuilding and license plate collecting.

As you might expect, Model A club members participate in a range of activities, many of which involve driving their vintage vehicles. You’re likely to recognize hem by their cars in local parades and July 4th celebrations. Members often gather at a designated spot so they can drive as a group to regional events like the Vintage Transport Extravaganza at the Illinois Railway Museum and our own Barnstormer’s Day here at Galt Airport.

If you are interested in learning more about the Model A Restorers Club, be sure to check their website at the Model A Restorers Club – Illinois Region We look forward to witnessing their group arrival and getting a glimpse of their remarkable restorations!