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Here comes summer!  I think that we have finally shaken the ice age this year!  As the summer season approaches, I hope that everyone is doing well.  As a chapter, we have been busier than ever and will continue to be that way!

May Chapter Gathering

Our last chapter gathering had excellent turnout.  The Forni’s and Rehm’s gave us a very informative recap of their amazing flying trip from Galt Airport to the Bahamas this past winter.  I think after hearing how fun this trip was, anyone would want this to be a destination on their bucket list of general aviation flying. Afterward we enjoyed making a barbeque lunch which many people stuck around to enjoy.  This was a great gathering with good camaraderie among our membership.  I’d like to see this momentum continue with future gatherings!

APA /ALPA Pancake Breakfast

Once again Chapter 932 Sponsored a fabulous pancake breakfast for the Family Awareness committees from the Allied Pilots Association (APA), and Airline Pilots Associations (ALPA).  APA and ALPA are the professional unions that respectively represent the pilots of American and United Airlines. The event took place on Saturday May 26th.  Attendance was brisk with 160 people showing up from both groups.  Several members flew in with aircraft of many types.  A BD-3 micro jet did a few fly byes, along with several vintage and modern aged aircraft.  Members of the Aerostars Aerobatic team practiced some of their routine nearby with their new Extra 300 precision aerobatic airplanes.  Many pilots brought their children with them as well.  It was amazing to see the kids become fascinated with all of the airplanes.  Our chapter members worked hard to put on a great event, and both unions gave us a generous donatio for our hard work.  Thanks again to all who volunteered for this event.

Barnstormers Day

 On June 16th we will once again host Barnstormer Day.  As many of you know, this is a great family event that we enjoy among ourselves and the community.  Chapter member Paul Sedlacek has been working hard to organize this event for us.  We will need as many volunteers as possible to run this event smoothly.  Please contact Paul at 847.254.7480 if you are able to lend a hand.

Finally, as the season goes on, the best way to stay in tune with all events coming up in the chapter is to keep checking out our new website.  You can log on and check out all of our events and activities.  Thanks to all who make Galt Airport and EAA 932 a most excellent aviation community!  Have a great month!

Arnie Quast, President, EAA Chapter 932


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Save the Date!

Barnstormer's Day 2018

Call for Volunteers!

On June 9, we’re having one last Chapter Gathering before our big Barnstormer’s Day event. The meeting and work session will begin at 9:30. We hope to have all-hands-on-deck to help with final planning and advance set-up. A hotdog cookout will be provided to help keep everyone’s strength up!

Please set aside some tome to volunteer during Barnstormer’s Day on June 16. This is EAA Chapter 932’s big event for the year so we need everyone to pitch in where and when they can to make it successful. Paul has put together an online time schedule where everyone can sign up. Please check out the available time/work slots and add your name where you can by clicking the button below.

If everyone schedules just a small share of their day on the 16th, we’ll all be able to take time during the event to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Start planning your baked goods masterpieces to help EAA 932 raise funds! Scour Pintrest, bring Granny’s prize winning pie recipe or donate your latest creation.

We want it all!

The guidelines:

• The item must be non-hazardous, i.e. Baked: cookies, cakes, breads, fruit pies, scones, and candies. Please avoid custards, cheeses and creams as fillings and toppings.

• Please package your items individually. They can be wrapped or placed in plastic bags or clear drinking cups. We would like to price them in the $1 – $2 range. We can always make exceptions, but this makes pricing and selling much easier.

• Listing the ingredients is recommended especially if you go to the trouble of making something that is KetoVeganGlutenDairy Free!… but it’s not required.

Items can be dropped off Friday night  6/15  between 4-7pm or Saturday morning  June 16th at the event. We can help with the packaging and labeling, as well. We just want the goods!

Volunteers are needed to help set up/break down and work the bake sale, but you don’t have to hang out there all day! If there are enough of us, we each might just cover one hour and all  enjoy hangin’ out and looking at the planes!

With any questions or for more info:

Please call/text or email: Deena Schwartz 773-456-1446 or

…and keep your fingers crossed for a gorgeous day!

APA/ALPA Fly-in Breakfast

The weather dice were rolled and the APA/ALPA Fly-in Breakfast came up with a jackpot morning!

Under the leadership and coordination of our VP, Bill Tobin, our chapter volunteers cooked and served delicious breakfasts of pancakes, eggs and sausage to over 160 guests. We had an incredible assortment of 26 different aircraft arrive on the field, from Cessnas, Pipers and Moonies to a pair of Stearmans, two VariEzes, one T-34B, an R44 helicopter, and a “look-quick-or-you’ll miss-it!” fly-by by a BD-5 jet.

One person noted that she had never seen so many guys in cargo pants in one place!

While the adults were socializing, the kids were kept busy playing lawn games and chasing some of the largest soap bubbles to ever float over an FBO. Thanks, Brian!

Off The Top Of My Head W Byline galt traffic online

To most people, it just looks like a baseball cap – and a ratty one at that. But I’ve come to realize that my old AirVenture hat holds some kind of magic that seems to provide openings to people I would have never met and places I would never have seen.

In mid-April of this year, my cell phone rang early on a Saturday morning. The screen indicated that the call was coming from a number in Colorado that I didn’t recognize, but our daughter and her family live in Denver, so I figured I’d better answer.

A male voice introduced himself as Dick and stated that he had run across a note displaying my contact info while cleaning off his desk. He went on to say that he and his wife had met me and my wife while we were hiking through Chaco Canyon two years earlier. He remembered that I talked about having family in Denver and also that I had mentioned a Sonex project.

A light finally clicked on in my head and I remembered meeting the couple outside the ruins of an ancient kiva on a hot New Mexico day. When he spotted my EAA AirVenture hat, Dick apparently recognized a kindred spirit. What followed was an introduction that quickly spiraled into “airplane” talk, resulting in our spouses rolling their eyes and moving on without us.

Now, fast-forward two years: here I was, confessing to my lack of Sonex progress, to someone halfway across the continent who I once had had a fleeting conversation with out in the middle of nowhere. Dick explained that he and his wife lived about an hour northwest of Denver and invited me to give him a call the next time we were out West.

Then he offered to give me a tour of his part of the Rockies in his C182.

Now I’m feeling something special about that hat…

I grew up here in Illinois, one of the flattest states in the country (“Mount” Prospect…really???). So, an out-of-the-blue invitation for a flight in the Rockies has to be some sort of magic.

On top of that, my wife and I actually were planning a drive to Denver to visit our grandkids within a month of Dick’s call.

I was ready to leave as soon as I put the phone down.

Finally, three weeks later, Dick and I met at 7AM at the airport outside of Longmont, CO. I climbed into his twenty-nine-year-old, well-kept 182 and proceeded to have the most spectacular ride of my life.

Dick and me at LeadvilleAs we zigged and zagged across the continental divide, I found myself looking down, over and occasionally up at the various peaks that Dick pointed out. He was not only a great pilot but also an excellent tour guide. We flew over the eastern portal of the Eisenhower Tunnel along I70, spotted skiers on the slopes of Winter park and Breckinridge, looked into the deep recess of the open pit Climax Mine and marveled at the awesome beauty of stair-stepped alpine lakes.

We landed in Leadville-Lake County Airport which, at 9,934 feet, bills itself as the highest paved airport in North America, and were the only airplane on the field. Dick borrowed the airport car and we headed into town to enjoy a hearty breakfast.

By mid-morning, minor turbulence had crept in and we bounced around some during the flight back but the views remained absolutely stunning. It was the flight of a lifetime for this flatlander. Thank you, Dick!

So sure, that old hat may look a bit ratty, but you’ll never convince me it’s not magic.

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2018 Winner of the Ed Moricoli Flight Training Scholarship

EAA Chapter 932 Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the 2018 winner of the Ed Moricoli Flight Training Scholarship is Justin Thuma. The award was officially presented to Justin Thuma at the Chapter’s May12th meeting.
Justin has been interested in flying since 3rd grade when he began playing with flight simulators. He went on to take several Young Eagles flights and attended EAA Air Academy in Oshkosh, WI. He maintained his passion for aviation throughout college while he earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from Bradley University. Justin is extremely motivated and already passed his private pilot written exam and will begin flight training with the flight school at Galt this spring.

Congratulations, Justin!

Bob ‘n Jean’s and Eric ‘n Beth’s

Excellent Adventure!

It was a delight to have Jean and Bob Forni and Beth and Eric Rehm share their Bahamas flight experiences at our May 12 Chapter Gathering. In February, the two adventurous couples flew their GA planes down to Fort Stuart, FL and then headed east out over the Atlantic, spending the next nine days exploring five of the more remote and less inhabited Bahamian islands by air. In addition to views of amazing beaches and talk of fabulous food, their discussion covered preparations for flight over water, dealing with customs, safety equipment, weather briefings, and all the fun things you can do once you get there! 

Attendees enjoyed the cookout lunch that followed the presentation.

Check out the Gallery below for more pics!