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UPDATE… They have an opening on Nov 5 in the afternoon. If we have 8 attendants, they would book a 4 hour window and dedicate the facility to us. That would include 30 minutes in the 737 simulator for each person, with openings on the F18 simulator and the virtual reality room to fill in the time. The rate for 4 hours would be $965. It winds up around $150 per person. They need 20% down. If we have fewer people, we’d book it for less time.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be at the controls of a Boeing 737?

This will be a unique chance to experience being a “crewmember” on the flight deck of a Boeing 737-800, an F/18, or use virtual reality headsets for up to 45 different simulated experiences.  You’ll be flying a Fixed Based Simulator at Extreme Flight Simulator in Gurnee, IL!  Chapter members who wish to fly the simulator will be booked first come, first serve for 30 minute slots in crews of 2.  There will be six 30 minute flights pre-booked for this experience.

Sign up to fly the simulator and play the virtual reality gaming booths at Extreme Flight will open TBD.  To sign up for a time slot for either activity, please email Mike Land at the Galt FBO.  Cost to fly the simulator will be $40 per person for a 30-minute crew slot.  There is no charge to be an observer in the simulator.  In addition to the 737 simulator, there will be 4 virtual reality gaming booths available for us to use.  There will be a suggested donation of $10.00  per person to partake in 30 minute virtual gaming sessions.

More flights will be added if interest is beyond the initial 6 flight slots.

If you do not want to fly, but would like to observe, up to 6 additional people can “jumpseat” in the simulator free of charge.

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