Grass Roots Galt – Meet Angela Williams

Angela WilliamsGreetings, fellow earthlings! My name is Angela Williams. I was born in Cook County and raised as a globetrotter. The photo you see of me was taken in Nazca, Peru. My interest in aviation first ignited while attending grade school when my neighbor boarded the school bus wearing a sky-diving shirt. It sparked my interest immediately. It was the first time I envisioned myself pursuing a career in the troposphere. My interest in aviation grew when my uncle, cousin, and father invited me to the Oshkosh Airshow in 2019. By that time, my sister moved to Savoy, IL to study at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In the fall of 2018, my sister enrolled in ground school during her first semester and earned multiple pilot certificates before graduating. This is when my exposure to aviation truly took lift off. As her older sister, I often helped her study. We spent many hours over the years memorizing note cards and learning material for her written exams. Her experience inspired me to dive into the field of Aerodynamics. I learned many valuable lessons from my younger sister and gathered even more information when we attended the Oshkosh Airshow together in 2022. While seeking shade underneath one of the tents, a pilot recommended that I join my local EAA Chapter. This was my first introduction to Galt Airport. After attending a handful of meetings in 2022, I eventually volunteered to help with the Newsletter. In April of 2023, I was elected by the EAA Chapter 932 board to gather stories for Galt News each month. Feel free to pitch your ideas for next month’s Newsletter. We are always looking to learn about the members in our chapter and hear your story. Next stop: earn my private pilot’s certificate at JB Aviation this fall. Final Destination: a career as a commercial or cargo pilot! Looking forward to getting to know you. Ask me about my worldly adventures!