Tiffany Zwicky (Ed Morcoli Scholarship -2022)
Tiffany is very close to completing flight training and has begun preparing for the checkride.

Syd Krause (Ray Aviation Scholar – 2022)
Hello all, and thank you again to EAA chapter 932 for giving me the opportunity to be the 2022 Ray Aviation Scholar. Right now, I am working on cross-country flights in my training, and it is going well. It has been exciting to incorporate so many new aspects into my flights, such as flight following and new airports. My Zulu headset is making these flights that much better, and it is a lot easier to hear flight following and to respond. I hope to prepare for my cross-country solo soon and thank you!

Andy Klein (Ray Aviation Scholar -2021)
To all the EAA members and volunteers, thank you all for your support during my flight training. I recently had my checkride and obtained my pilot’s license! The Ray Aviation scholarship allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a private pilot, and I am thrilled to continue my training. In the fall, I will be attending Western Michigan University and majoring in their professional pilot program. I am beyond excited for the aviation opportunities I will experience in the future, and I hope to see you all around the airport this summer!