Hello EAA Chapter 932, my name is Ben Fryer I am the 2023 Ed Moricoli Scholarship recipient. Since I received the scholarship, my training has been progressing towards receiving my Private Pilot License. I am currently in the last stage of this training, which is check-ride prep. My plan is to have completed my check-ride within the next month.

I got interested in aviation when I was in 8th grade. I began to wonder how I was going to get up in the skies and what was the best avenue to get there. I started by watching movies and reading books about aviation. One day I was talking with a pilot friend of mine and he told me his daughter had recently completed her training through JB Aviation. Soon after this he took me up in a Cessna 172, N13364. That was my first time flying in a general aviation airplane. Right after the flight I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer, I was going to start flight training. I did a few lessons and knew I had to keep going and get my pilot’s license. I started attending airport events and learned about and applied for EAA 932’s Ed Moricoli Scholarship. That August I got the call saying that I had been awarded the scholarship. I am very thankful for this scholarship. It has allowed me to fly much more than I had been able to previously. And now, after a lot of flying and ground lessons, I am almost finished with my training. I have enjoyed meeting the other pilots and individuals in the Galt community. It has been helpful to meet people who are all at different stages of their aviation journey. Whether in the air or on the ground, everyone I meet at Galt Airport is always super nice.

I have really enjoyed my training at JB Aviation, and I look forward to flying out of Galt when I have my license and continuing to be a part of the community as my flight career progresses.

Thanks for your support,

Ben Fryer

Ben Fryer 2023 Ed Moricoli Scholarship Recipient