2022 Scholarship Recipients

This year, the EAA Chapter 932 scholarship committee received applications and nominations for many outstanding candidates for the Ed Moricoli Flight Training Scholarship and the Ray Aviation Scholarship.

This year, we were able to award two Ed Moricoli scholarships:

$2000 was awarded to Ben Campbell. Ben is nearing completion of his flight training and will be heading off to SIU mid-August. His goal is to complete his check ride before he leaves for college. Completing his check ride and entering SIU with his pilot certificate will enable Ben to start taking higher level flight training in his first year. With strong support from all of the instructors at JB Aviation, Ben has worked tremendously hard and is almost across the finish line. Go Ben!

$6000 was awarded to Tiffany Zwicki. Tiffany caught the aviation bug from EAA Chapter 932 members, Beth and Eric Rehm. Beth opened up the world of aviation to Tiffany on a discovery flight through JB Aviation. Since then, Tiffany has been juggling four jobs to pay for her flight training. She is a born entrepreneur who without a doubt will somehow incorporate her passion for flying with her bigger dreams.

For the Ray Aviation Scholarship:

Last year, Chase Kocken, received a $6000 scholarship. He completed his flight training and passed his check ride in May of this year. Because there were $4000 of 2021 scholarship funds remaining, EAA Oshkosh granted the 932 Scholarship Committee the ability to submit a $4000 scholarship application for Anderson Klein, the runner-up for the 2021 Ray Scholarship. Andy has become an active member of the Galt Community. He has been working at the airport over the summer to pay for his continued flight training. Andy is close to taking his FAA written exam and is progressing well. He will be a senior in high school this year with the plan of attending SIU in the Fall 2023 in their Aviation program.

And finally!!!…

The 2022 Ray Scholar is…. Sydney Krause. Syd is entering her Junior year at Badger High School in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She is planning to study astrophysics in college with a focus on quantum mechanics. Her ultimate goal is to attain the requirements to apply to become a NASA astronaut. Syd is a new member of the Galt community and student member of the EAA. Her flight training with JB Aviation started in June. In addition to her flight training this summer, she has been working with the University of Chicago on the Stone Edge Observatory All Sky Survey (SEASS) operating a telescope in Sonoma, California with the Slack app. With her eyes on the sky, this 10K Ray Aviation Scholarship will help Syd toward her ultimate goal of exploring space!

We hope all of the scholars will be able to attend a future gathering together!