An Update from Our Ray Scholar – Chase Kocken

No flight up to this point has been more rewarding for me than my last solo cross-country. This flight’s purpose was to fulfill the 150+ nautical mile solo cross-country requirement, in addition to the 3 full-stop landings at a towered airport. I had been trying to get this flight done for nearly 3 months, and it finally came to fruition.  On most of my past attempts low ceilings forced me to make a no-go decision, but this unlucky streak is now in my rearview mirror. Realizing that I can fly through towered airspace and communicate with the ‘big dogs’ all by myself gave me a boost of confidence and left me feeling very proud. These past couple of weeks I’ve also been reviewing flight maneuvers with Beth for the check ride. From here I will need to log my required night flight time and keep preparing for the check ride!

EAA Chapter 932 thanks EAA Oshkosh and the Ray Foundation for the opportunity to host the Ray Aviation Scholarship.

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