Greetings Chapter Members,

Welcome to August! The year is sure flying by fast. As I look back on July, I would say that we had a great month as a chapter. On July 12th instead of meeting at the airport, we had a well-attended breakfast meet up at the Rusty Nail. As always, the staff at the “Nail” provided great service, and we all had a very hearty b r e a k f a s t . During the g a t h e r i n g , we enjoyed some good hangar talk, and I took a few minutes to update the chapter on our latest happenings. Chapter member Larry Schubert stopped in for a short time, and we presented him with a plaque to thank him for all of his many years of service and volunteerism. As many of you know, Larry and his wife, Leslie are moving to Ft. Collins, Colorado. Larry has been a member of Chapter 932 for over 20 years and has been based at Galt with his 1967 Piper Cherokee 180 since 1995. He has flown over 200 Young Eagles missions during his time here. We are all going to miss Larry and Leslie!

Oshkosh 2019

Several of our chapter members made their annual pilgrimage to the world’s greatest aviation celebration, AirVenture! This year we procured six campsites at EAA’s Camp Scholler on the grounds of Airventure as part of EAA’s Chapter Camping Program. At the start of the week, mother nature threw a curveball at us with some extremely hot temperatures, and torrential rain that came with some severe thunderstorms. Local Oshkosh news stations reported that approximately 5 inches of rain fell in the Oshkosh area. Despite the initial challenge of the Sloshkosh-like conditions, many of our chapter members made it to Oshkosh to camp together. We all enjoyed quality time together, and will have endless stories to tell about our individual experiences. One highlight of being at Oshkosh this year was that EAA chose our chapter to host a pancake breakfast at the Chapter Pavilion on the grounds of Camp Scholler. We had a robust turnout of chapter members who all pitched in to serve approximately 340 breakfasts. This was an amazing fundraiser for us, and we all had a blast working together to host the event. Thanks to all who helped and to chapter member, Deena Schwartz, for coordinating the event for our chapter. With AirVenture in our rear-view mirror, I have already heard from many people with some great ideas on how they’d like to make our chapter camping experience even better for next year.

Flour Drop – August 17th

As we step into August, our regular chapter gathering will take place on August 17th, versus the second Saturday of the month. JB Aviation at Galt Airport will host their annual Flour Drop, which is always a fun and a well attended event at Galt Airport. Ahead of JB’s Flour Drop, our chapter will have an informal gathering in the form of a pancake breakfast for our chapter members. This will start at 9AM and run until approximately 10:30AM. After our chapter gathering, JB Aviation welcomes everyone to enjoy their Flour Drop event. Look for more details about our pancake gathering on our website, and an email blast. We’ll see you at the Flour Drop!

Guest Speaker – Sept. 14th

On September 14th our chapter will host author Bill Hazlewood at our chapter gathering. Bill is the author of a book Wright Brothers, Wrong Story. Hazlewood is a fascinating speaker and tells an interesting story of how the two brothers became first to achieve powered flight. This will be an interesting presentation we are excited to bring to Galt Airport. Hope to see you all there! As we glide into August, I hope everyone continues to enjoy the summer flying season, and more great camaraderie as a chapter. As always, fly safe, and thanks for making our Galt Airport community one of the best one could ask for!

Fly safe!