President Report – Arnie Quast
Greetings EAA 932 Chapter Members,

Chapter Social Rusty Nail galt traffic onlineAs always a lot of good things are happening at EAA 932.  Looking back at April, we had a great month.  Our chapter gathering featured chapter member Joe Nemec chatting about glider flying.  Joe is passionate about flying gliders, and his talk was very informative and interactive.  I’d like to thank him for doing such an awesome presentation.

Later that day, we had a well-attended chapter social at the Rusty Nail Saloon in Ringwood.  Approximately 60 people were in attendance.  There was great food and fellowship, and we enjoyed live music, chapter awards, and a picture show on the big screen.  Everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time!

Chap Goldlevel Cbadge Cmyk galt traffic onlineA few weeks ago I received some very exciting good news from our chapter office in Oshkosh.  EAA has a rating system for its nationwide chapter network.  Its ratings consist of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with Gold being the highest ranked.  We were ranked Silver in 2019.  For 2020-2021 EAA Chapter 932 was designated as a Gold level chapter.  This is an exciting award for us, and is a true testament to the hard work and participation of our chapter members.  To read more about chapter ratings, check out this link 

Over the next few weeks there are lots of good things coming up.  The best way to stay informed about chapter activities is to visit the events tab on our website at . Thanks to everyone for your continued participation in our chapter.