Every year in the weeks before Airventure the folks at EAA organize volunteer work parties to set up the grounds at Oshkosh. Folks in our chapter have partaken in this, and have had a lot of fun. Over the next few weeks there will be numerous dates to serve in this opportunity. Lodging in the EAA bunk houses is free and first come, first serve. Camping is available on the grounds of Oshkosh without limits. Or folks can pay for their own lodging in local hotels around Oshkosh. The EAA provides almost all meals throughout the volunteer sessions free of charge. All work party participants will also receive ONE DAY of FREE ADMISSION to AIRVENTURE. Are you possibly interested in doing this? You can volunteer on your own, or EAA 932 chapter member Dave Spitzbart is willing to organize a group of our chapter members to attend together. If interested, please contact Dave at 815.482.0809 to perhaps coordinate group attendance. For further details on the EAA Oshkosh work parties, click on this link.