Mike Land

Hello!  I’m Mike Land, the new Young Eagles coordinator for Chapter 932. My hope is to continue the work for which Daniela Knoll and Bill Tobin have had so much success. I’d also like to enhance the program by using some of the new tools that EAA has given us.

We would like to move towards utilizing the electronic tools provided by EAA. This includes web-based authorization forms for both pilots and participants, and management of Young Eagle participant’s flights during the rallies.  We will be expanding the Eagle flights to fly adult participants, with the goal of turning them over to JB Aviation and Aerosport for more training after the initial experience.  We will also be looking to introduce day camps for Young Eagles and adults alike to experience some of the building techniques used to construct experimental aircraft, and also to introduce Young Eagles to the AeroEducate website that EAA offers. We’re planning to do another Build ‘N Fly model airplane build with Young Eagles later this fall. Lastly, we’ll look at expanding to a second yearly Young Eagle rally on the International Young Eagles day (2023 will be on June 10).

In order for our chapter to accomplish these goals, we need your help. The spirit of volunteerism has been the backbone of EAA. The most urgent need is for additional pilots who are willing to share their passion for flight with Young Eagles (ages 8 to 17) and also for adults who may want to experience the joy of flight and move on to learn to fly, get their license and buy or build a plane.  If you happen to be taking someone up for the first time for a ride, consider registering them within the Young Eagles or Eagle Flight program. It costs nothing, there are benefits for them to being registered, and it gives our chapter points that we can redeem.  We also need ground staff who will assist pilots to the Young Eagle flights go smoothly and keep the kids safe on the ramp. Our next event will be Planes and Puppies on October 1st. Please consider helping us to make it a success. If you’re a builder, consider volunteering to help put on day camps for building components of airplanes with Young Eagles and adults.

There will be more information coming in the near future on how to help bring new people into the sport. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be willing to help others to experience the joy of flying as much as we do.