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EAA 932 Member Dan Johnson is the Author of a new book – Duster!

Duster is a compilation of stories and memorable events taken from Dan’s career of over 50 years in the air. He tells stories of crop-dusting , showing you what it is like to fly 100mph at 2 feet over the ground dodging trees and wires. He describes flying adventures in the Alaska bush in a Beaver around the mountains and weather of South East Alaska and what it’s like to fly night air freight in a Cessna 207 and do spin training in a Pitts S-2-C.  Dan puts you in the pilot’s seat and in his mind as he recalls exciting, sometimes dangerous and always memorable chapters from his career in the cockpit from gliders to airliners. You will be flying on wheels skis and floats and having a blast!

Find his book on Amazon or for sale at the Galt FBO and enjoy some chair flying!