Grass Roots Galt – Meet Jason Bigelow

Jason And Jamie Bigelow FlyingHello! My name is Jason Bigelow. I got bit by the aviation bug in July of 2020, and began taking lessons at Galt with JB Aviation. I earned my private pilot certificate in December of 2020. I then bought a 1975 Cessna 182 in January of 2021. I worked hard and earned my instrument rating in November of 2021. My wife, Jamie, and I love to travel with our dog Stark to visit family and go on vacations in our 182. We enjoy the freedom of being able to fly to new places and make trips out of it! Earlier this year I became acquainted with and joined EAA chapter 932 after meeting Arnie Quast. He informed me about the chapter, and thanks to him, it was an easy decision to become a member. I am looking forward to meeting all of the good folks at EAA 932!