Doug And Betsy GrahamAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Doug Graham and I have been a member of EAA 932 since 2014. As a child I suffered from SNS. For those unfamiliar, that stands for Stiff Neck Syndrome. The cause was determined to be the irresistible urge to tilt my head upward at every passing aircraft. I was mesmerized by the myriad types of aircraft passing overhead at relatively low altitudes. The aircraft consisted of not only GA types but F-4s and C-130s from nearby Rickenbacker air force base flying on low altitude training flights to TWA L1011s on final to KCMH ( Columbus, Ohio ).

Childhood dreams were pushed to the back burner until one day in college I read an ad in the school paper. Introductory flight lesson 20.00 was what it read. One twenty-minute ride and I was hooked. Then I learned there was a viable path to the airlines for civilian pilots. Let’s change hooked to addicted. I followed that path. From flight instructor to corporate pilot on a King Air to charter Operations in Lear Jets and Cessna Citations to American Airlines, it was quite a ride.

So how did I end up at 932 you ask? Well to make a long story long, I believe I told my wife Betsy that I had no interest in owning my own aircraft and sure as %&$!& wouldn’t even think of building one. In late 2013 I placed my order for a Vans RV 14a kit. The next thing I know there is this shady looking character riding his bicycle up my driveway. Most of you have guessed correctly it was Arnie Quast.
He shows me a picture of the shipping container from Vans Aircraft that he spied on a tour of the factory. It was at this point Arnie extended an invitation to join 932. It is a great chapter with lots of dedicated members.

In closing, I must say I have not completed the RV 14. So far I have kept that promise to my wife Betsy. But I did purchase a Grumman tiger which is based in DeKalb. I’m batting .500 so far.