Our March gathering featured greeting new members, highlighting upcoming events, and soliciting of members for ideas for future activities and presentations.

Our featured guest at the gathering was John Trione from the Lake Geneva Balloon Company.  He gave a great presentation about his company and the excitement of taking a flight in a hot air balloon.  Attendance was wonderful, and the many questions indicated the enthusiastic audience engagement of the presentation.  John explained how a pilot plans a flight, emphasizing the weather monitoring that goes into a flight. This included winds aloft to determine where the balloon would go once airborne. His description of many harrowing landings brought us to the realization of the excitement and risk experienced in his many years of piloting. This was a great gathering for all who attended.  Coffee, pastries, and lunch was enjoyed by all who attended.

John offers rides over the Lake Geneva area, and training for becoming a balloon pilot.  His website can be seen at lakegenevaballoon.com

John Trione Balloon Presentation