How can I increase my personal minimums?

2024-06-24T18:47:02-05:00June 24th, 2024|

If you find your personal minimums are restricting your opportunities to fly, the best way to increase your limitations is to practice those conditions or skills with a flight instructor. Your CFI can help you improve your crosswind landing technique, or short field landing proficiency or landing with gusty winds, etc. 

Remain Clear of the Prop: 9 Rules for Propeller Safety

2024-04-25T17:24:29-05:00April 25th, 2024|

Accidents involving spinning propellers are extremely dangerous but easily avoidable. Always treat a propeller as if the ignition is “hot” and the engine could start at any moment. If anyone, including other pilots, ground personnel, passengers or bystanders, begins to walk in the direction of a spinning prop, kill the engine immediately.

Why do pilots use checklists?

2024-03-26T17:18:13-05:00March 26th, 2024|

The purpose of checklists is to make sure specific actions are performed that are necessary for the safety of flight. Relying on memory to perform a set of tasks is perfectly fine as long as it is followed up by using a checklist to confirm that all of the required actions were indeed completed. Consistent use of checklists prevents mistakes and reduces the chance of accidents, especially in non-routine circumstances such as emergencies. 

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