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At AirVenture, we always enjoy the camaraderie of our Camp Scholler neighbors, members of EAA Chapter 322 from Johannesburg, South Africa. On Saturday morning, we will co-host our first ever, joint virtual gathering with members of EAA322! It’s our opportunity to learn what recreational flying is like halfway around the world!

Join us as we meet the pilots, see their airplanes, and learn about the places they fly to. In return, we’ll share what’s happening among our Galt Airport community and introduce some of our members to our South African friends.

The Zoom link will open for socializing and general chat at 9:30 am (1730 South Africa time). At 10 am, the chapters will begin sharing their stories. Note: unfortunately, Zoom currently has a total limit of 100 attendees – so only the first 100 folks to log-in will be able to access the gathering. If you can’t log on at first, we recommend trying again after several minutes.

Click the following link on Saturday morning to log into our joint virtual gathering:

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