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On January 13, 2018, we will have a neat program for our chapter gathering.  It’s a little bit different than what you all might expect, but will be a lot of fun. Instead of our morning gathering time, we will have a unique program in the afternoon at 3:30 pm in the Maintenance Shop at Galt.  A local group of folks will be presenting a live “Birds of Prey” show.  This will be an exciting chance to get up close and personal with various species of hawks and raptors.  Bring the family out for this neat event.   Be sure to call or email Rebekah in the Galt Airport Office to let her know that you are attending.  Her phone number is 815.648.2433, email Rebekah@galtairport.com .  After the show, we will have a catered dinner up in the studio. The cost of the show including dinner will only be $15 per person.  During dinner, we will present some awards of recognition, show pictures reflecting our 2017 events, and unveil our upcoming 2018 chapter programs and events.  Come on out and enjoy some great chapter fellowship!



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