Karl FrickeltonHello Chapter 932 members,

My name is Karl Frickelton. I joined EAA 932 in the fall of 2022. I was bitten by the flying bug early when my father gave me my first hour of dual at age fourteen. He had started an FBO in 1968 with two Cessna 150’s. Washing, fueling, and then finally flying them led to a 16th birthday solo, 17th birthday private, and CFI by 18. I got my multi CFI, and 2000 hours and two years later, went off to Palwaukee, now Chicago Executive, to fly a corporate Sabre, Falcon 20, and 50. Next United Airlines in 1986. I spent 3 years as a flight engineer on the B-727, five years First Officer on the B-737 and DC-10, then the rest as Captain on the B-737, A-320 and B-777. I retired as a United pilot in August 2022. Arnie Quast and I flew together somewhere during that time. It’s probably a good sign that neither of us remembers exactly when 😏. My wife of 43 years, Ann Marie, and I have lived in Crystal Lake since 1983. Our daughter and son are long since educated and on their own. When I decided to join EAA chapter 932, Arnie made 932 the obvious choice. Attending my first meeting I saw an ad on the JB board for a share of a really good looking LSA. I joined an outstanding group of aviators as partner. I am really looking forward to being part of this outstanding airport community!