Heffington PictureHello friends! My name is Bob Heffington, and I’m the newest CFI at JB Aviation. I live in Wonder Lake with my fiancée, Peggy, and our two dogs, Jake and Ellie. You’ve probably seen us roaming the airport and hanging out by the stage almost every evening.

I am a retired U.S. Army officer (Infantry, later Military Intelligence), having served over 20 years on active duty in various assignments all over the world. I started flying gliders in 2001 during an assignment near Tucson, AZ, and I’ve been flying ever since. I also owned three airplanes along the way: a 1946 Aeronca Chief, a 1976 Cessna 150, and a 1953 Piper Super Cub. After retiring from the military in 2017 I took a job with Avient Corporation in McHenry, and that inevitably led us to Galt airport, which quickly came to feel like our second home. I joined EAA 932 shortly thereafter, but a promotion at work took us to the Cleveland area in the summer of 2020. In early 2022 I decided that corporate America was not for me, and that all I really wanted to do was fly airplanes! That decision led us back to Galt and I was fortunate enough to be hired as a CFI with JB Aviation soon afterwards.

Galt airport is a special place for us and always will be—we’re even having our wedding here in September! We are so grateful for all the friends we have made here, and we look forward to becoming more involved with the chapter this year.