EAA Chapter 932 has been conducting a Young Eagles Build and Fly program over the past few months. Several young folks successfully built a radio-controlled airplane that they will fly for the first time in the next few weeks.  As a reward for all of their hard work, we had a barbeque lunch for them, and took a few of them flying in actual airplanes after our May 14 chapter gathering.

For those who haven’t seen our earlier posts, the EAA Young Eagles Build and Fly program is an intensive RC model building and flying initiative to introduce youth to aircraft construction and the fundamentals of flight. This is a chapter modeling “program-in-a-box” designed for EAA chapters to partner with local Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) clubs to engage Young Eagles participants and other youth. The program can either be a follow-up to or lead to an EAA Young Eagles flight and is intended to further their passion for aviation and STEAM.

EAA Chapter 932 was able to provide this program to the community with generous donations in the form of time and funding from our chapter members as well as a $5000 grant from The Community Foundation for McHenry County

We are thankful for all of the support as we have gotten this program started. We are looking forward to our next Build and Fly session that will start in the coming months!  Stay tuned!