Build and Fly Update

So far we have two nights of our chapter’s Young Eagles Build and Fly program in the books.  12 young people have signed up to learn how to build (and fly) a radio controlled model airplane with us.  So far they have had lessons in the history of model aircraft and the parts of an airplane.  Build progress is going well as these young aviators have already framed up the vertical and horizontal stabilizers and made good progress on the right wing.

Our next session will be this Thursday, December 2nd, and the group should be completing the first wing and stating the second wing along with starting the fuselage.

The EAA Young Eagles Build and Fly Program provides kids with the opportunity to be involved in a program where they can physically build a model airplane that they can fly. The goals for 2021-22 are to enroll 10 interested youths into the program by October 2021 with students “graduating” within 3 months having completed the construction of a remote-controlled airplane and to offer students two separate sessions over the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. The chapter has established a partnered relationship with a local club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to offer additional support to these young aviators. Kids will learn about how airplanes are built, what makes an airplane fly, and how to control an airplane. All of this is accomplished by fun activities at the airport.

EAA 932 is a grassroots organization that fosters aviation interest and participation through community outreach. With the help of volunteers, the EAA Young Eagles (YEs) Program is one that inspires and introduces young people to career paths such as aviation, engineering, aircraft mechanic, air traffic control, and aerospace. One objective of Chapter 932 is to expand the current YEs program by implementing a year-round Build and Fly program which provides hands-on build projects and year-round science/aviation education for engaged youth free of charge. This type of educational program addresses the need for accessible opportunities for young people to explore their curiosities and interests in aviation at a young age that can eventually lead to a worthwhile career path, many with opportunities outside of a traditional 4-year college.