Two Chapters, yards apart at Oshkosh, 8700 miles apart in real life, joined forces to create a unique monthly gathering. On February 13th, Chapters 932, Galt Airport, Illinois and Chapter 322, Johannesburg, South Africa, who normally camp across the road from each other in Camp Scholler, took advantage of the pandemic restrictions to create a somewhat different zoom gathering. Presentations were created on both sides of the Atlantic depicting chapter activities, aircraft, projects and personalities. It was wonderful to share and learn from a chapter situated virtually on the other side of the world! The gathering kicked off with presentation by EAA member Karl Jensen (EAA# 554322) parading recent Chapter 322’s fly-ins and gatherings, the history of the chapter, interesting member’s aircraft and current build projects. Also featured was how EAA members make a wonderful contribution to various animal conservation projects in the region. This in turn was followed by video presentation created by 932’s President Arnie Quast (EAA# 472266) and Vice President Bill Tobin (EAA# 1151386). The video introduced us to personalities that make up and run their chapter and airport, the history of their airport and chapter and events such as their “Barnstormers” and “Plane & Puppy” days. We also had a look at some of the exciting and unique flying activities they undertake. Many hours of work went into the making of both presentations and a big, big thank you must go out to all involved. With over 70 attendees glued to their zoom devices, we can only assume that this international collaboration project was a great success!